Living With Autism Part 1: Journey To Acceptance




As I said a few blog posts ago, I was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum.  I have high-functioning autism (so basically Aspergers, a word that’s not used anymore in diagnosis procedures).  I spent some time after reading the report feeling sort of devastated.  My parents already suspected I was on the Spectrum long before I got the diagnosis, so they thought I would be relieved to finally get clarification on what I had, what was a part of me.  Imagine their surprise when they found out I spent long periods of time thinking it over and rereading it as if I couldn’t believe what was actually written.

I learned later that the problem wasn’t actually the report itself, it was the way I chose to take in its information.  The truth is, that report was probably one of the greatest things ever given to me, but I was too absorbed in a negative perspective to see it that way.  I saw it as an obstacle, a hindrance, and a reason for depression when I should’ve seen it as a new opportunity to better understand what to do moving forward in my life, and obtain a better understanding of myself. I don’t mean for the report to define me as a whole, but I choose to embrace it as a part of myself like I should.

I feel that an intro to Autism would benefit greatly if I give the definition.  Autism is a developmental disorder or mental condition that’s characterized by difficulty with social interaction, obsessive interests, and repetitive behaviors, among other things.  This is something that has affected one in sixty-eight children in America today according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  It’s a part of a lot of people that is unfortunately disregarded and not given as much attention as it should be getting.  What may appear to be a serious hindrance in the lives of the people that have Autism can actually be a great advantage for that person.

Sometimes I envy people that have accepted themselves for who they are earlier than I have. I’ll confess I’m behind on certain bits of knowledge or information or ways of thinking and talking that many people younger than me already know, but you know what, I’m honestly okay with that.  Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be doing a series regarding Autism and the ups and downs involved in it that has made an impact on my life, with the final part being an article about God’s role in my life regarding my Autism, and what His role may be in the lives of others who are Autistic.  Now, given that I tend to start a lot of things and never actually finish them, I’m hoping this series makes it through.  Sorry this one’s so short, but it’s the intro.

3 thoughts on “Living With Autism Part 1: Journey To Acceptance”

  1. Great post! I’m looking forward to reading more from you. You’re a gifted writer because you are able to write honestly and cohesively.

  2. VERY WELL Said Forrest…..I like your candid, honest approach of dealing with it “so to speak head on”

    Proud of you!!!!!

  3. Bravo! So well written. (I’m a publisher author & editor, so I know writing gifts!) I can’t wait to read more. Please email me the blog’s website so I can keep reading. Found this one on FB. Thanks!

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