Shrink Your Weaknesses To Present Your Strengths



My youngest brother has been watching through The Office lately since it’s streaming on Netflix.  Occasionally, I watch it a little bit with him when it’s on, and I realize now that the only reason why I sit to watch is because of the character Jim. He is, without a doubt, one of the most laid back, comfortable, secure, relaxed people I’ve ever seen in a TV show or movie.  Almost nothing seems to phase him, he doesn’t grow really anxious over anything, and he has a passive demeanor with the ability to carry himself as if he doesn’t have a care in the world.  I watch him and wish I had some of those traits of his in better supply.  It’s hard for me to think of someone around my age who’s on the autism spectrum and has all the traits that Jim has.  certainly don’t have everything he has.

Does this make me jealous?  Not necessarily.  Do I aspire to be and wish I was a little more like him?  Probably, yeah.

I can certainly live a life with less anxiety and stress where I’m constantly trying to predict every future event and have my days where every little thing irritates me or bugs me if I’m feeling under the weather (like today).

I can certainly live a life where everything both big and small doesn’t phase me, shorten my temper, or get me mentally panicking or just debating.

I can certainly live a life where my mind is quieter and my thoughts are more straightforward without feeling like they’re just ‘flipping through channels’ without settling on one thing and sticking with it.

I can certainly live a life without my thoughts playing themselves in my head as an endless string of worst case scenarios and, at times, best case scenarios that tend to border on fantasy.

Some of these things are fixable, even for people on the spectrum or people who have anxiety in general.  Others may not be able to go away completely, but there are things one can do to at least reduce these occurrences and strengthen both mind and body.  There are many ways to do this, but something you can definitely do for starters is to not compare your own life to the lives of fictional characters.  The Office for example is a comedy.  A lot of situations in the show are either somewhat or completely unrealistic (Superstore is another example I can think of when it comes to lack of realism, something that the show is plagued with).  The characters are usually one-note and are defined by those single-trait personalities.  We as real humans have a variety of emotions, strengths, and weaknesses.  So if you wish to be a ‘better’ person, sort through your weaknesses and seek out solutions to reduce them so that your strengths are more present and have more time to ‘shine through’.  If you wish to be more laid back and feel more comfortable in your own skin, recognize your weaknesses first and put effort into shrinking them down.

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