Overthinking and Why I Wouldn’t Wish It On My Worst Enemies


All of us can have the tendency to worry, or get anxious, or fear something, or doubt something, or put a little more thought into something than is worth the effort.  But not all of us are overthinkers nor does everyone overanalyze everything, and for that I’m grateful for the ones who don’t, including my wife.

Because overthinking is war, and war is hell.

Overthinking is torture.  If left untamed or mishandled, it’ll seep into your everyday life.  It’ll be there waiting for you when you wake up in the morning, follow you to work, grow louder to be heard over the noises at work, then follow you back home.  Overly worrying about something and overthinking can open a door for spiritual oppression and raise the likelihood of depression.  It saps your mental and physical energy.  It weakens your motivation and on some days even kills it entirely.  It leaves you feeling fatigued, confused, and in some cases even hopeless.

So if you can’t already guess, I am currently going through a slow process of recovering from too much overthinking that did a number on my physical and mental energy.  This overthinking was never worth it in the first place, and has the ability to destroy aspects of my life that I could never give up on.

I’m never giving up on what I’m doing, even on my hardest days.  I’ll admit, even sitting down to write this article made me feel nervous because writing an article about overthinking meant having to dwell on what I sometimes go through, which is honestly the last thing I want to do.  Training my mind not to overthink or ponder negatively however has been a hard but worthy process that’ll help me get back on my feet and coast forward with confidence.


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