I Just Keep Writing


I’ve gone through many different experiences this year, some good and some bad, but one thing has never stopped for me.  Regardless of what’s happened in my life and regardless of the trials I’ve been through, I just keep writing.  Writing is a passion I have that I don’t believe will ever die out.  Why should I let it?  Writing has been a powerful medicine and an effective cure for me.  Whether it be fiction or nonfiction (like these blog posts), its all been a great comfort for me to keep writing.

One very common symptom of the autism spectrum you’ll find when you do your research about it, is that we people on the spectrum tend to find something, love it, and obsessive over it for an unusually extended period of time.  We have the ability to literally allow ourselves to drown in it until it’s all we can think about or talk about.  That’s why a great number of people on the spectrum can have a difficult time connecting with other people or finding things in common with other people because we only want to talk about one thing.  I’ve seen it firsthand, and I later feel terrible when I just want to try and avoid that person before I hear anymore about what he or she has to say.

So now we come back to my passion for writing.  I’ve been writing consistently since I was fourteen, though I wrote off and on before that too, and though I’ve given up on dozens of other things, I’ve never given up on this.  I believe in the power of the written word, and with a lot of negative words I’ve seen written in our current age, I feel compelled and driven to write things that are different.  I want to write things that will get people thinking.  I want to write things that could very possibly instill hope for future generations.  But for now, as my love for writing continues to increase year after year, I’m satisfied with writing little things like these blog posts to get started.  I’ve gotten very positive feedback for my posts about my life with autism, so that’s a pretty good start.

To those who are reading this and are autistic and are feeling like they have to stop doing what they’re passionate about in order to be ‘normal’, my advice to you is this: never stop.  Do not stop doing what you’re doing, whether it’s playing a musical instrument, writing books, or building what could become next-gen tech as examples.  And if you are not identified as autistic, I give you the same advice.  I keep writing.  That’s what I feel called to do and that’s what I feel like I can do for the rest of my life.  I just keep writing.

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