Star Wars Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter Book Review


Star Wars Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter by Michael Reeves delivers a fun chase book that puts you at the edge of your seat screaming in your head about whether or not this extraordinary set of characters will live.  This is only my opinion though, because not everybody believed it was that way.

Okay, so we know that Darth Maul wasn’t going to die, that the plans for invading Naboo wouldn’t make it to the Jedi, and we knew that the Jedi wasn’t supposed to know about this mysterious Sith assassin yet, BUT, when I was reading this book, I became very engaged with the characters.  Michael really knows how to bring them to life in my opinion.  Unfortunately, Michael has a way of creating ineffective characters.  The only new character that made any effect to the story was the droid I-Five (he’s so remarkably effective that it makes C3-PO look like an idiot), I-Five is a protocal droid after all and he seems to have everything when the other characters do not.  Not to mention (spoiler following) he’s pretty much the only new character that didn’t die in the end but got its memory wiped.

I have to admit, Darth Maul was a pretty effective villain in this book and you could probably understand his frustration in the end when he just couldn’t kill the Corellian (Han Solo right?) Lorn Pavan who was probably my favorite character in the book.  Despite some brief annoyances, I thought Darsha Assant was a great character although I thought it was real weird that Lorn was falling for Darsha when she’s, oh I don’t know, maybe a LITTLE older than Ahsoka Tano?  Anyway, the romance wouldn’t have worked out anyway because she’s a Jedi and she’s supposed to avoid attachment.

Now on to some negative elements.  First of all, I thought some of the products mentioned in this book was stupid and weird.  First of all, Darth Maul is searching for the Neimodian Hath Monchar who started the whole chase in the first place and he attempts to track him down through debit card use.  You heard me, DEBIT card use!  What the heck?  What was Michael thinking when he leaked real modern elements in this book.  He should’ve whipped up something a little more unique.

Everybody complained about how the new characters died in this book, so what was the point?  Well, I liked Michael’s attempt at squeezing a story in with characters that aren’t quite so stale like they are in other Star Wars novels.  This one is definitely one I’m putting on my shelf along with my #1 favorite: The Clone Wars Wild Space.  I don’t know why I like books where the endings are pretty much predictable, but maybe it’s because I loved traveling with these characters even though they died at the end, but the thing is, it’s the character development that grabs me and pulls me into a very interesting ride.  It doesn’t hurt sometimes, it really doesn’t.

4.6/5 stars.

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