I Met You At The Library (Original Short Story)

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So here’s a short story I wrote quite a while ago. I read this one out loud at a Fine Arts Festival a couple months ago. It has a very similar writing style that my other story Lost And Found had.

I met you at the library in the mystery section. Your short hair and your large glasses reminded me of myself. The first thing that caught my attention was seeing how deeply fascinated you were in the book you were holding, and how wrapped up in it you were. You stood there in front of the shelf, holding it and never sitting down. I found it humorous that I do the same thing.

You never noticed me when I saw you, and you never noticed me when I finally walked away. When I got in my car in the parking lot, I was able to spot you briskly walking out with one book under your arm. It was unmistakably the one I had seen you reading.

Two years passed, and I had never seen you again since that time. I dated someone else when I concluded that I would never see you again. One day, I was standing in the mystery section in the library holding the same book I watched you read, when I saw you again. I looked up and spotted you staring at me with an expression as though you were trying to remember if you had seen me before. You seemed surprised that I happened to be reading the same book, and I was surprised to see you again after deciding that I never would. Shutting the book and putting it under my arm, I smiled and greeted you, and you greeted me in return. The two of us walked out of the library together, my left hand holding the book.

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