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My name is Forrest, brand developer, writer, streamer, and video editor. I am not everything I want to be, but even in this chaotic and difficult world, I believe I can be what I’m meant to be. To grow beyond the 9-5 job, to achieve goals that I dreamed about growing up, and to help others realize their goals as well. The world feels even more chaotic and difficult as someone on the autism spectrum, but as long as I continue to use my voice without ever stopping, I believe I can learn to navigate it.

I’m only twenty-five years old, and yet, I’m starting to feel like the previous generation where, to them, times have changed so much that they’ve found it hard, if not completely impossible, to catch up with it. In an age where social media platforms have become digital monopolies that control what people can and can’t talk about and where it feels easier to get riled up over what others are doing or saying, all of us are presented with a tricky world to navigate. One that feels harder, crueler, and more hostile to what you want to say, but it doesn’t have to be hopeless. I’m passionate about big issues, but I want to narrow the conversation down to a simpler foundation on this blog, one that focuses on the individual. What’s my story? Where will my story go from here? These are questions I want to answer for myself on here, and hopefully you will be inspired to ask these questions for yourself too.

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