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Hello!  My name is Forrest and this is my official blog site.  ‘The Pancake king’ was something I was nicknamed by a pastor long ago because of my obsession with pancakes and having the tendency to eat more than everyone else at a given time.  Now the nickname is the title for a forthcoming book of mine that’s meant to tell my experiences as a high-functioning autistic that will hopefully help people better understand the ins and outs of autism and help them learn how to interact with people who are on the spectrum.

What is autism?

For those of  you who aren’t sure what autism even is, autism is a mental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate or interact with other people.  This disorder also affects how people who have it form relationships and even take care of themselves, and it can be a learning disability too.  In other words, people who have autism have a very uniquely different way of thinking that separates itself from a lot of the ways other people think or the perspectives that other people have.

What are some of the symptoms of autism?

Common symptoms include difficulty with communication and social interactions, obsessive interests, and repetitive behaviors.

How common is autism?

There are currently 200,000 US cases of people with autism every year.  There are generally more diagnosed males with autism then females.

Is there any known cure for this disorder?

There is no known cure for autism, and it can be a lifelong disorder.  Early recognition of the disorder in someone along with behavioral, educational, and family therapies can help reduce some of the symptoms involved.


A Few Things About Me

I love to read, write, play video games, watch movies, and surf the Net for nerdy stuff. Here’s some basic information about me:

Favorite Foods: Pizza, Chili, Burritos

Favorite Hobbies: I already mentioned that above, have you even been paying attention??!!

Favorite Movies: Return Of The King, Good Will Hunting, Logan, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Favorite Books: Eli by Bill Myers, The Road by Cormic McCarthy, What Dreams May Come by Richard Matheson, The 39 Deaths Of Adam Strand by Gregory Galloway, Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick

Favorite TV Shows: Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Daredevil, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Star Wars: Rebels, Stranger Things (I also love web shows like Red vs Blue and RWBY)

Favorite Music Bands: Skillet, Red, The Fray

Favorite Video Games: Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, The Last Of Us, Halo: Reach, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Life Is Strange

Favorite YouTube Star: Rooster Teeth

Favorite Sports: Basketball whenever I get the opportunity to play it.

Favorite Fictional Character: Right now, Qrow Branwen from RWBY.  I love that dude!

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