Don’t Dwell On the Problems, But Instead Seek Solutions


It’s no secret to anyone, even if they’re not on social media, that all around us there are a lot of problems.  If you ever switch on the news or browse headlines, you would think that evil was winning in the end, day after day.  We’ve become so accustomed to negativity and our minds have been wired to think so pessimistically that it’s hard now to see the good amidst all the bad.  It’s 2021, we’ve had an exhausting year, but there’s still a ton of good still to be found.  In fact, if anything, all the chaos and craziness of the past year has brought more of the positives to light, and there’s something particularly beautiful about it.

I mentioned in my last post that my wife had to leave town with her family at the last minute to see her grandfather, who was in the hospital with COVID and it wasn’t likely he was going to make it.  I’m happy to say that it has been nearly two weeks now since that point, and he is still with us.  My wife is back home too, and it’s such a relief for me.  It felt weird waking up every morning without her there.  She usually reaches out and takes my hand after my alarm goes off to make sure I don’t drift back to sleep, so that was missing.  Seeing her come back home after work or seeing her as soon as come back home from work depending on her work schedule that day is also a pleasant experience that I ended up missing for a week.  Having her back and knowing her grandfather is still alright and fighting are certainly positives on a personal level to be celebrated.

To go back around to the matter of what you see on social media, one of the most annoying things I encounter on social media is people commenting or posting saying things like ‘our country doesn’t have much time left’ or ‘this country is going to hell in a handbasket!’.  I often look at these and shake my head, because these are indicators that these people have just given up on hope.  They’ve given up on positivity, hope, and faith.  If you’re a Christian, these comments feel like indicators that they’re not even hopeful enough that God can make miracles happen, no matter how gloomy and dark things seem.  When I see comments like these, I see an example of admitting defeat when they had no right to in the first place.  Who exactly are they helping when they say these things?  How are they helping themselves?  I’ve been seeing comments like these for the last twelve years of my short life, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t desensitized to that.  Desensitized, and tired of seeing it.  Tired of seeing so many Christians and other people with so much potential throw up their hands and declare the world or the country doomed when they were created to be so much more than doomsayers.  Tired of seeing these people complain when we are living in the most innovative time in recent human history, where anyone can be anything.  Even if one resource is blocked from you, there are a billion others out there and the material needed to create your own.

It can be discouraging to hear about people who had platforms and followings that were destroyed or at the very least wounded due to outside hate, but pursue your dreams anyway.  Make something of your life.  Even when darkness and evil is all around us, we have the ability to be a light.  To form new communities, to be kind to people we don’t know, to write new books and use our minds for innovation.  I don’t see innovators like Jon Acuff declaring America a lost cause on his Twitter.  The man has a new book coming out next month about overthinking and the power to overcome it in order to accomplish your dreams, and he hosts a podcast about reaching your goals.  I’m not asking you to move mountains with your face.  We can focus on why the larger issues are a concern, but in order to create real change, we have to start first with the smaller issues, and even when we face the larger problems around us, we need to start in small ways.  I’m hoping, for instance, my podcast Squeaming can be one of those ‘small ways’.  We are living in a time of unlimited resources.  We have the power to create change and turn things around, and we need to stop relying on others to do that for us.  Start taking advantage of the time you’re living in.  God wouldn’t have placed you in this time otherwise.