A Mind of Files

For me, sometimes I feel like my mind and thoughts are a stack of files, photos, letters, and little pieces of items on an office desk, and normally, whatever is at the top of those files is the thing I think about the most all the time. It could be my favorite TV show, it could be one of my greatest friends, it could be an awesome video game I recently played, it could be a Bible verse, it could be a song I hear over and over again on K-Love, etc. But would if all you were thinking about was one of those things (although it is never wrong to think about a certain Bible verse all the time), would if you were thinking about something that doesn’t really matter all that much. Sometimes I realize that, sadly, God can be at the bottom of all that stuff. So what can you do to remove all the files until you reach God?

Well, the answer is pretty simple and pretty Sunday school-ish, but nevertheless, the answer is pray. Pray to God to set aside everything else so that your mind’s target is God. Also, you could ask him for a few “photos” in order to have a good picture of what God looks like. My “photo” for God has been the same for a while and it’s really not surprising. In my head, He’s dressed in white with a small beard and long brown hair, and his face is so shiny and white that you could barely see His eyes. That’s pretty good right?

Another thing that can help you take your mind off of anything that doesn’t have to do with God is to take a break from the thing that makes you think about it the most. Take a break from your video game or your movie and sit and meditate on God, and I promise you, God will reach your mind’s door if you open it. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t think about your family and your school. God wants you to think about those things too because they are ALSO important. But also you should make sure that your mind is open for God when He DOES want you to focus on Him. Think of a time that you can do just that.

We Are All Soldiers

Hey everybody, welcome to my new blog site! I was surprised at how many pages I came up with. The Clone Wars Episode Reviews page has episode reviews I wrote myself on recent Clone Wars episodes, the Somnioterra page is the page where you can find updates on the latest book I’m writing, the Mercy Vineyard page has updates on the church we’re planting, and of course this home page has the blog posts.

So, I’m going to get started with this blog by telling you a little something-something that will be the motto for this site.  We are God’s soldiers.

Unfortunately, a lot of people, even Christians, can forget that we are in the middle of a spiritual war, and the forces are?  No, not the forces of Gondor against Mordor.  It’s God’s forces against Satan’s demons.  But before you go grab your Han Solo blaster or Aragorn’s sword Anduril, let me explain a little bit.  The ultimate weapon that we all have against Satan’s minions is The Sword of the Spirit which is of course the Bible, the Word of God.

Of course, we all know that God has already won and Satan has already failed, but Satan has a secret weapon that will drag as many people as he can get with him and that is his deceptive voice.  Our job is to use the Sword of the Spirit to spread the Good News to the people who are lost and do not know God.  It is our tongues and our works that saves these people who need the love of God.  That is how we fight.  We fight by touching the nations with God’s love and His Word.

Now of course, not all of you have the money to go around the world but would if you can’t, right now, go ANYWHERE out of the city you live in?  You preach exactly where you live.  That’s what me and MY family are doing.  We’re doing whatever we can to reach to the people in the Quad Cities by planting a church and just doing the little things that move the heart and expands the Kingdom of God.  It is our good works like these that converts a person.

So what are some suggestions?  Well, you can find a person who is in need (mostly downtown is where you’ll probably find them), and give them a bag of groceries or offer them something that can work for them.  My Dad stopped the car on the way to church one Sunday morning right beside a guy who was homeless, and gave him some military MREs.  If you can’t pay for anything, see if you can participate in a program that gives out food and money to the poor.

Folks, that is how we fight.  To expand the Kingdom of God by reaching out to your city and helping them find Christ.  We are God’s chosen warriors.